Subcontractor Documents

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It is the sole responsibility of the subcontractor to review all drawings and specifications, regardless of delivery method, for a complete scope of work. Subcontractors are responsible for any reproduction fees incurred.


Bank Builders International and Riznick Construction Corporation recognize the importance of and seek to provide opportunities for diverse business enterprises, such as minority business enterprises, women-owned business enterprises and disadvantaged business enterprises (also known as “MWDBE” Businesses). As a reflection of both Bank Builders International and Riznick Construction Corporation, it is our mission to make life better for our customers, associates and communities by making it our commitment to contribute to the prosperity of diverse business communities. We are dedicated to identifying potential partners among the aforementioned communities and to make good faith efforts in assisting such enterprises in gaining equal access and equal opportunities to receive contract and subcontract awards as a part of our corporate procurement process and on our construction projects. Both Bank Builders International and Riznick Construction Corporation shall not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, or sex in the award and/or performance of any of our contracts or in the administration of any MWDBE plan.