We provide a single source approach to planning, architectural design and construction services, relieving the client of the burden of managing the project.  With construction, engineering, and architecture working in partnership, the design / build process ensures effective communication while creating significant efficiency for the client.  Time is saved through simultaneously executing design and construction, thus lowering costs to the client through early cost evaluation and continuous monitoring.  Feasibility studies and project proforma are created and examined early to be sure all makes sense and works.  The municipality site approval process is started early to bring about the balance, functionality and code adherence.

The Design / Build approach offers numerous advantages over the traditional approach of using separate companies for design and construction.  In particular, the adversarial relationship which sometimes occurs between designer and contractor is eliminated.  All efforts are focused on working as a team, achieving the highest quality product for the owner.  The owner also gains cost savings through a process called value engineering.

Value Engineering

The concept of value engineering is used throughout the construction and pre-construction period.  Types of structural components are compared for initial cost versus the life cycle cost.  Mechanical components are recommended based on operating cost versus initial installation cost.  As the objective consultant to the owner, Bank Builders International, Inc. uses its twenty one (21) years of practical experience and over nine hundred (900) financial institution projects to evaluate the recommendations of the architects, engineers, land planners, designers, and sub-contractors.

LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design)

As buildings in the United States continue to consume more and more of our country’s natural and man-made resources, LEED was organized to educate federal government, local municipalities, developers, builders and consumers of ways to save the environment and resources by incorporating the use of “green” products in construction.  The LEED Green Rating System was developed as a guideline to accomplish “green” construction and has benefits for all entities involved from expedited plan review for the developer/general contractor, to the long-term reduction costs of the end user.